Zo West is an artist that bridges the gap between the Old School and modern Hip-Hop, with his hybrid style of lyricism AND energy.

Zo West grew up around music. From the church choir to long road trips listening to “Oldies” , its no wonder his love of music runs deep. From Conway Twitty to The Temptations, from Frankie Valli to Johnny Cash, the chance for a love of music was always there. However, it wasn’t until he discovered hip-hop that his love of music grew to a new level. 

During 1997, while trying to cope with the loss of his grandmother and sister, music took on a whole new meaning for Zo. It was an escape. A way to cope with the problems of the world. The Album: No Way Out, The Artist: Puff Daddy and the Family. From that point forward, he knew there was something different about hip hop. 

Fast forward to 2004, as a freshmen in high school, one day at lunch some kids were freestyling outside in the court yard. Zo had never given thought of him rapping but something about that day sparked a fire inside. Every day after school he would go home and try to write raps. Sending his verses to his friends on MSN messenger and battling with them to improve their skills. However, he never had the courage to put a verse on wax. 

In 2008, that would finally change. After learning that a friend had recording equipment, they decided to give recording a shot. His friend a singer and Zo a rapper, it was a natural fit. The first song ever recorded, for lack of better word, was trash. After a few months of learning to write songs and a few recording tips, they finally released a song to their family and friends which was met with a very positive response. This served as motivation to keep pushing and see where music could take him. Turns out that it would lead him to meeting and joining forces with Cav’lier to be a full time artist for Cav’s independent record label Hunted Down Music Group. This turned out to be a Very good move for Zo. 

Since joining Hunting Down, he has released his debut single “Ball Hard” which has been very well received among his peers. Zo plans on releasing his debut album in the year 2020 which will hopefully lead to even more opportunities to network and take his music to a new level.