How I’m Feeling: Top 5 Rap Albums of 2017

Since tomorrow starts a new year, today I’m going to give you a list of my top 5 rap albums of 2017. Hit up the comments section with your lists! Without further ado:

5. Without Warning – 21 Savage, Offset, & Metro Boomin

Whoever decided to get 21 Savage, Offset, and Metro Boomin together to do this project, needs a damn raise. This album goes so damn hard. “Ric Flair Drip” may be the hardest song of 2017. Can we just make it a rule that these three have to get together and make one album per year? If this album is any indication of what would transpire if that were to happen, sign me up. I’m buying the stock. Now, you wont find tremendous lyricism on this album but it’s just banger after banger after banger. Metro Boomin absolutely slaughtered the production on this project. Offset did his thing and 21 does what he does. Excellent album.

4. Bloom – Machine Gun Kelly

This album was refreshing. MGK showcased his versatility on this album with his ability to blend Hip Hop with Rock and the result was amazing. The album had the traditional MGK style songs such as “Golden God” and “Gunner” but it then transitioned over to a Blink-182 type of feeling with songs like “Let You Go” and “27”. I’m a huge fan of this album, which is why it sits at number 4 on my list. MGK seems to always deliver and he did again with “Bloom”. What are you waiting for? Go take a listen.

3. Damn. – Kendrick Lamar

Ok so first of all, lets clear the air. I know almost everyone is gonna have this is as THE top album of 2017. For me, it fell a little short, but to each their own. This is still a good and solid album but just not enough for me to give it the top spot. “Humble” and “DNA” were massive hits and I feel like you could go to any sporting event for 5 minutes and probably hear both of those songs played. My point is, they were huge and so was the album. DAMN. is already certified double platinum so I probably don’t need to tell you to go check it out. Another success for Kendrick and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

2. Mumble Rap – Belly

Belly is another artist that I hadn’t heard from until this year. When I heard Mumble Rap, I found myself wondering how I had never heard of this guy before. From cover to cover this album is fire. P.O.P. (Power of Pussy) is probably the most popular track on the album but I promise you, every other song can stand on its own. There is one feature on the album and that’s from one of my favorite artists, Pusha T, on the track called “Alcantara”. Insert flame emojis here. Belly is top of the line when it comes to lyricism and it really shows on this album. This album has me really looking forward to more from Belly in the future. As with #1, if you haven’t heard “Mumble Rap” stop what you’re doing, and go take a listen.

1. Perception – NF

I first heard Perception about a month ago and my initial thoughts on the album were that it was a good solid album. There is consistency from song to song. I listened to the entire album and didn’t find myself wanting to skip any tracks. NF showcases his lyrical ability and his delivery song after song. He is a very talented songwriter. Also, notice on the album cover, there is no parental advisory sticker. There is not a single curse word on the entire album. Odd for a rap album right? Very much so. However, it’s not as if this is a watered down corny album. NF touches on some very real and emotional subjects. As far as content is concerned, I find the album to be very relatable which likely is the reason for his cult-like following. Previously categorized as a Christian rapper, I feel as if NF has managed to push himself over into the mainstream with his chart-topping hit “Let You Down”. His progression from his first album, only two years ago, and Perception is astounding. NF is going to be a major player in the rap game for many years to come. Especially if he can keep pumping out projects on a yearly basis. Perception is definitely my top pick for album of the year and it isn’t even close. If you haven’t heard it, go give it a listen.