How I’m Feeling: The Definition of “Support,” Part 2

I was reading Cav’s article about support last week and had some additional thoughts on the topic. He was talking about an artist on Twitter feeling like their lack of support was due to jealousy from the people around them. The article goes to explain that the definition varies from person to person, but my take on the word goes a little further than that.

Instantly, it begs the question, “Has the artist done enough to be worthy of support?” Is that even a fair question to ask? I think in order to gain support, either from your friends or complete strangers, it takes some serious, hard work. Why should someone support you if you aren’t showing them that you are working your ass off?

I know if I had the choice as an investor between someone with a lot of talent that didn’t work hard and someone with less talent that had an insane work ethic, I’m going to pick the person with the higher work ethic. Everytime. Why? If you can’t prove that you are willing to invest every fiber of your being into your art, why should someone else? As a consumer, why should I spend my hard earned money on something you threw together and said, “That’s good enough?”

Now, financially isn’t the only way someone can show support. You could give an artist emotional support by offering up words of encouragement or you could share their art on social media. It only takes a few clicks right? Well, sort of. See, when someone shares your art on social media, they are endorsing what you are putting out to everyone in their network. So, if you aren’t putting out a product that is worthy of someone’s personal stamp of approval, or completely unrelated to their art, don’t get upset when people aren’t sharing or giving you likes.

As an artist, good enough should never be the goal. Perfection should be what you strive for. If you don’t show people that your art means that much to you, don’t be surprised if they don’t put in the effort to support you.