Real name: Samon Gardner
Age: 34
HD Ent. Roles: Vocalist

Musical influences: Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Big L, Starlito

Musical History: Since he could remember he had always been gifted with words. From poetry songs and dope rap lyrics. Sickka has linked up Hunted Down Entertainment and seems to be trying to educate the youth with music coming from a real place. Sickka has worked with the likes of G-Unit artist Young Buck, Tashia Cotour, Skrapp of LMT, Uno the Great, Lil Bone Face, and more.

Biography: Sickka is a versatile Hip-Hop artist coming out of Kentucky. Born in Louisville, KY, Sickka has been through his share of ups and downs. From a orphan to the foster system and run-ins with the law that would land him multiple stints in the correctional system. To keep focused and free, Sickka has decided to put his time into Music.  Even Sickka’s visual talents have begun to shine, as he has recently taken up directing music videos.  If You’re looking for weak bars and foolery, Sickka may not be for you. But, if real life and pure Hip-Hop are what you like, then Sickka, without question, will be one of your favorites after your first listen.

Sickka on Spotify

Album Song
Tyler Lyonz
Black Flag
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