Retro Review: The Sound of Revenge

Retro Review: The Sound of Revenge

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The Sound of Revenge, by Chamillionaire

The Sound of Revenge was a diamond in the rough of the “crunk” over-saturation that was going on in 2005. There weren’t a lot of southern lyricists going at the time, and Chamillionaire showed up in the mainstream to remind everyone that they were a thing.

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You pick up a Houston album from the mid-2000’s, and you’re pretty much sure what you’re getting. Candy paint, swangin’ slabs, and switchin’ lanes. While The Sound of Revenge had that, it had so much more, in the best way possible. Chamillionaire pretty much established that lyricists were down there too. Not only were his rhyme schemes and punchlines on point, but the dude can actually sing pretty well too, without all that auto-tune nonsense.
There isn’t a beat on this album that I don’t love. So much to the point, that I can’t pick a favorite. If I were hard-pressed, I’d probably say “Think I’m Crazy” because even the beat makes you think. However, “Ridin'” from Play-N-Skillz is dope as fuck too. “No Snitchin'” is funky, but in a good way. Mannie Fresh, Scott Storch, and The Beat Bullies all came through with some great instrumentals to keep this album moving.
The production on this album was pristine, which was pretty much the standard for professional albums. Whoever did all the mixing and mastering on this album earned their paychecks. That’s for damn sure.
First and foremost, when you get Scarface on an album, it’s official. “Rain” was just a blessing of a track. Then when you throw in legends like Krayzie Bone, Pastor Troy, Killer Mike, and Bun B, it’s a pretty safe bet that the album will be amazing. Lil Flip was fun to listen to, but he was easily the weakest link in this chain. Fight me. Some might be happy about the Lil Wayne verse, and I’m not upset, because it wasn’t his worse that I’ve heard.
“Ridin'” was around at the pinnacle of ringtones, so it may have gotten a little played out and left a great song hard to listen to. The rest of the album is easily repeatable, which means it holds up well. Overlooking how much I hate to hear the word “crunk” these days, it was commonplace at the time, so it’s forgivable.
This was in the era that music downloading was affecting music sales in a real way, and the industry didn’t have a standard to measure success in spite of it. that being said, it’s kinda hard to judge the actual impact of this album. It did manage to go platinum, which says something. Chamillionaire did also manage to scoop up a Grammy for best duo/group with Krayzie Bone and “Ridin'” I guess that means it made an impact, right? Leave some comments and tell me what you think.
Personal Preference
I honestly forgot how much I love The Sound of Revenge. The beats were dope, the choruses were catchy as hell, the verses were well put together, Cham sounded good, and the features were well thought out, and fit their roles well. When going back to listen to it, I truthfully thought it wouldn’t rate as well as it did. I’ll take the pleasant surprises when I can get them.

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