Retro Review: Chapter 2: World Domination
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Retro Review: Chapter 2: World Domination

Chapter 2: World Domination
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Chapter 2: World Domination, by Three 6 Mafia

DJ Paul, Juicy J, Gangsta Boo, Lord Infamous (R.I.P.), Koopsta Knicca (R.I.P.), and Crunchy Black. You may, or may not, recognize these names, but they were pretty big in the underground/independent hip-hop game before the internet became commonplace for every household. While they’d been putting out a bunch of underground albums, Chapter 2: World Domination, Mystic Stylez, and When the Smoke Clears were just about as big as Three 6 Mafia got before the “Hustle and Flow” soundtrack, and subsequent albums. It’s a decent little collection of songs, but I’ll let the review take care of the rest.

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 Alright, first and foremost, Three 6 Mafia have never been known for their clever wordplay or extensive vocabulary. That being said, there’s a certain elegance in simplicity that these guys (and girl) have on lock. A lot of the songs are pretty anthemic, and serve their purpose in getting a group of people rowdy. It’s easy to find yourself singing/rapping along with the hooks, and even some of their catchy phrases. Take, for example Juicy J’s, “Slob on my knob, like corn on the cob.” I bet you finished the line, didn’t you? Plus, even though the delivery is a little… “out there,” Koopsta and Lord Infamous were pretty unique for their time, and made a nice addition to the whole “sinister” sound of some of the songs.
 This is where “Chapter 2: World Domination” gets to shine. Pretty much every beat on this album either chills you or gets you energetic. Once again, simplicity is a fair word to describe the instrumentals on the album, but the execution of the simplicity works so well along with (and even helps make up for) the lyrics. Also, I’m pretty sure that “Late Night Tip” is my favorite 3-6 beat.
 Considering Three 6 had been underground and independent for a long time, nobody really expected industry standard production. That being said, even with substandard facilities, there’s no excuse for some of the errors that made it though. I understand the “rawness” is desirable to an extent but damn… Lord Infamous was so much better than their engineer allowed him to be.
 There weren’t a lot of “features” on the album, considering Three 6 was a pretty self-contained group. However, there were a few appearances from the “Hypontize Camp Posse” and they were all on pretty much the same level as the core group of Three 6. The Dayton Family did make a pretty strong appearance on “Are U Ready 4 Us,” and Project Pat came through on “Who Got Dem 9’s” for a pretty solid feature.
 I’m gonna be completely honest here. This album doesn’t really hold up to the test of time. All of the better songs on the album have been re-released or reimagined since the album came out. So, while it was a nice little trip down memory lane to listen to this album again, I wouldn’t say it’s a classic or anything.
 This album really didn’t make too much of an impact on its own, BUT when looked at as a whole, Three 6 Mafia are still making an impact on the hip-hop game. Since this album is part of their legacy, it’s only fair to rank it up a little. A lot of the “mumble rappers” from the current generation can easily be seen as HEAVILY influenced by Three 6 Mafia.
Personal Preference
 I feel like I’ve been pretty harsh on the review of World Domination, but the quality is just not up to par. Now that I’ve got the analysis out of the way, though, I do really enjoy the simplicity and rawness of this album. One of my good friends after high school introduced me to a whole bunch of Memphis hip-hop, and I’m not upset about it. So personally, Chapter 2: World Domination reminds me of those times, and thus it’ll always have a special place for me. Your mileage may vary.

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