Retro Review: All Eyez On Me

Retro Review: All Eyez On Me

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All Eyez On Me, by 2pac

As his last album released while Tupac was still alive, All Eyez On Me managed to be his best, in my opinion. There’s STILL a debate about the best of all-time, but I can never argue with someone who says it’s Tupac.

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 To say Tupac was anything short of a poet would be an understatement. While a lot of hip-hop artists are… one dimensional, Pac’s versatility and empathy manage to elevate him HIGH above most to come before or after. It’s one thing to write lyrics about a tough life and the struggle that comes with it, but to be the living embodiment of an entire movement…that’s special.
 With the exception of the sloppy sample clip on “Whatz Ya Phone #,” the beats on this album are basically the epitome of instrumentals. Each one fits the song content about as perfectly as possible. “No More Pain” is quite possibly my favorite Tupac beat of all time. If you notice the credits, you’ll see an early entry from Timbaland. Plus, you also get a couple from the master Dr. Dre.
 If anything had to be the weak point in this double-disc, it would be the production. By the point in time this was released, there was no excuse for sloppy mixing. Now, this is where people start to hate me. A lot of the production problems would’ve never been a problem if it weren’t for Pac. Don’t get me wrong, his work ethic produced enough tracks to make 7+ albums after he died. That’s a hell of a lot. However, his opinion to rush through an album put all the work on the producers/engineers, and didn’t leave a lot of room for retakes and fixing errors. A lot of the track doubles and emphasis ad-libs ended up off-beat.
This album was pretty feature-heavy, and the good majority of them were amazing. Check the tags at the bottom, for the full list. I’d highlight them, but everyone did their damn thing. Except maybe Yaki Khadafi. See the “production” section for the explanation there.
 If you’re able to put in a double-disc album, more than twenty years after its release, and not skip tracks, that’s the definition of a classic. A lot of the songs on this album have been the soundtrack of my life and will continue to be so for a long time. Speaking of which, when I die, if someone doesn’t play “Life Goes On” at my funeral, I’m haunting all of you motherfuckers.
 If anyone would be said to have the biggest impact of all time on the rap game, it would be hard to debate that it was Tupac. You can’t hear an artist today, that’s worth a fuck, that won’t list Tupac as one of their major influences. With the help of Bone thugs-n-harmony, Tupac set a trend in rap that still isn’t gone. If you hear a rapper that you enjoy call themselves a thug, thank Pac and Bone. That’s just with music. The cultural impact of this man can’t be denied as well.
Personal Preference
All Eyez On Me definitely fits into my top 10. Not only that, it’s my top Pac Album. I’m not saying the man is Jesus, but even now when I’m creating music, I wonder, “What would Pac do?”

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