Retro Review: Adrenaline Rush

Retro Review: Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush, by Twista

Following his reinvention from the “Tung Twista” moniker, and with the momentum from his feature on Do or Die’s “Po Pimp,” Twista hit the ground running with Adrenaline Rush. He’s managed to solidify himself at the forefront of Midwest rappers, and the reasoning is obvious in his first major release.

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 Twista is one of those rare artists that gets labeled with the “gimmick” tag, yet doesn’t need that specific trait to be considered great. He may rap fast, the intricacy of his lyrics and delivery is the draw.
 The legendary Traxster showed out on this album. Whenever I think of Midwest instrumentals, I instinctively go to Traxster first, every time. The first song on the album, “Adrenaline Rush,” is, in my opinion, the epitome of a Midwest beat. Every song that follows is pretty much amazing. The only setback would be “Mobster’s Anthem.” It’s almost an exact emulation of “Nothin’ But a  G Thang” by Dre.
 The album is pretty solid as far as production goes, but there are certain times that you can tell it was pieced together.  I’d imagine it’s because of the way that Twista delivered his lyrics in the quick-paced flow. Nonetheless, it can almost be enough to pull you out of the experience.
 Most of the appearances came from artists that would later be included on Twista’s Legit Ballin’ label, and with good reason. You can’t recreate this type of chemistry out of nowhere. I’d say the shining feature was Johnny P on “Emotions,” but they all did well.
 This is still one of the best examples of how a fast rapper can actually still make good music. There’s a reason that when anyone wants a fast rapper on their track, Twista is their go-to.
 The album didn’t have nearly as much of an impact, but it did introduce Twista to the mainstream world (where “Po Pimp” got him started in that direction.) However, a few tracks on the album did manage to chart on the Billboard Hot 100/200 lists. Adrenaline Rush did make RIAA Gold status a couple years later, so it did manage more than a lot of rap albums that year.
Personal Preference
 I’d include this in my top 5 albums of all time, so it’s easy to say that I love this album, and would recommend it to anyone who was interested in Midwest hip-hop. “Korrupt World” is easily in my top 10 favorite songs of all time, so there’s that too.

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