Brave Rewards: More Money for Creators

Disclaimer: This article is to inform creators of options. It is not to condemn nor condone advertising methods, ad-blockers, revenue splits, or any other areas of internet ethics. We can have those conversations in the comments, or on Twitter if you’d prefer.

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If you’re a content creator on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, Reddit, GitHub, or have your own website, there’s another way to make some passive income by doing nothing other than what you’re already doing. We’ll handle how it benefits you, first. Then we’ll get into some explanations after, in case you want to know more after the money talk.

Brave Rewards

By signing up for Brave Rewards, content creators are able to link their YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo channels, as well as their Twitter, Reddit, and GitHub accounts to your Brave Rewards account, and receive tips from their community. Those tips come in the form of Basic Attention Tokens, or BAT. (BAT is a form of crypto-currency. that is tradable for actual money or towards other cryptos, like Bitcoin, on sites such as Coinbase.) Users of the browser are able to directly donate on any of those channels. They earn BAT just by using Brave to surf the internet as they normally do.

Something to Note:

There’s no requirement for the content creator to use the browser, as they can sign up for Brave Rewards without it, and still receive payment as any other creator.

Yo, What’s Brave?

Brave is a browser built on the same open-source framework that Chrome and Opera are built on. As such, a lot of the Chrome extensions work within Brave, notably Grammarly and Google Translate. On iOS, it uses WebKit as a foundation. I can’t speak on the availability of any such tools for WebKit, because I don’t use it.


How It Works:

Brave natively blocks incoming ads and ad trackers to your browser. As expected, you will notice a performance increase on the web. After removing the ads from your browser you can opt-in (you don’t have to opt-in) to seeing advertisements from Brave, but the ads served aren’t individually targeted, as Brave doesn’t store your personal browsing data. Those that do choose to opt-in to the advertisements are rewarded for their normal web activities within the browser, through the previously mentioned BAT.

Additional Info

If you’d like more information on Brave Rewards, I’d suggest visiting their website here. If you’d like to see a tutorial on how to set up Brave, Brave Rewards or anything else from me, drop a line in the comments. I’ll be happy to help however I can.