The Beat Wizard

Jacob “Beat Wizard” Taulbee is a beat maker/music composer who creates mainly dark/dramatic “trap-style” beats but he also enjoys arranging music for score music and an open mind to test other genres.

Real name: Jacob Taulbee
Age: 37

Music History: Beat Wizard was Texas raised but currently resides in Kentucky. He always played a keyboard growing up and was influenced by many different aspects of music from every genre from almost every era of time from classical music, hip hop, 80s retro, 90s grunge to name a few. However the score music of Horror films, synthesizers heard in 80s songs and the drum elements exposed in Hip Hop was the formula of interest that lead Beat Wizard to the syles that he portrays in most all of his beats. He was introduced to Fruity Loops in 2002 and pushed it aside for a long time thinking it was a program created to do strictly Techno style music. However, he later began to mess with it and realized it was a perfect control panel to arrange his recorded keyboard elements into and has made that his go-to program along with a Korg m50 workstation / Micro-Korg synthesizer as artillery. Money is definitely a motivator but Beat Wizard simply creates music as therapy and to be apart of songs that could move/inspire listeners in any way.

Musical accomplishments: Beat Wizard has been a part of projects with local artists, and also rap veterans/major inspirations, such as M.C. Mack, T-Rock, and M-Child (former affiliates of Three Six Mafia/Hypnotize Camp Posse).

Production credits:
M.C. Mack – I Be da Boss
M.C. Mack – Da Posse Song
M.C. Mack – In Danger (featuring Scan Man and M-Child)
M.C. Mack – Inebriated
T-Rock and M.C. Mack – Informant
T-Rock and M.C. Mack – Knock Em Out
Sickka – Phenomenal (featuring Cav’lier, Tyler Lyons, and Tron)
Hunted Down Music Group – Who Am I

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