Tyler Lyons

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Also Known As: 2-Die-4, Tyler Lyonz
Active: 2006 – 2007, 2008 – 2018
Group/Band Affiliations: Innertwined, Dirty South Alliance, Hunted Down Music Group, Tricken
Role: Vocalist

Tyler Lyons started out writing songs at a very young age. He gained a love for rap when he and a friend memorized the lyrics to a song and used to rap it to his friends back when he was only 10 years old. He was already writing and planning a cd when he was in the 8th grade. 

Tyler connected with a crew of friends and decided to create a group because he felt that there weren’t enough hip hop groups in his town. The group DSA aka Dirty South Alliance was the beginning of Tyler’s career as an artist. With the help of fellow members Nathan Saul aka “Havik” and Tyler Chambers they worked endlessly to explore the genre. Although he was young and inexperienced at hip hop it was the start of Tyler’s journey. 

As the years passed Tyler became obsessed with music and began working on solo projects. Tyler worked with Sadistik Recordz led by Josh Santini aka J Eastwood and flooded the underground with music. He put several songs out but never released an entire album. 

Through their mutual friend, Yung Tek (of Quick-2-Blast Recordz), Tyler connected with Cav’lier and started doing music on a more professional level. He and Cav connected well because of their diversity and appreciation for originality. Joining with Cav and his cousin, aka GETSOME, they effectively changed Hunted Down Music Group from a duo into a full-fledged group. They continued to work together and it was the start of everything. 

Tyler started working with local artist Arcapella and started putting out more music. He was featured on both of Arcapella’s mixtapes. The second, featuring Splo, won a SEA award. 

Tyler started working with two friends around the same time, Brad Lay and Zo West in their group Tricken and started a new hip hop genre after his break from music. It sparked the flame that brought him back to music. Even though Tricken broke up, Tyler started becoming serious about music again. 

He connected back with Cav’lier and started working more heavily on their projects. The buzz grew and they started reaching out to other artists. Namely, Lil Sickka, Zo West, Arcapella, and Havik. These artists would continue to work together and build an empire. 

When Cav’lier left for his Army deployment, the crew was stuck at a halt. Tyler decided to take his crew to Atlanta and start on his album, in hopes to get a deal before Cav returned. 9 songs into Tyler’s album, Cav came home and Hunted Down began in full effect. They assembled the finishing touches, final members (Zacc Phillips, Megan Tumbleson, and Tron) and started what we know today as the Hunted Down Music Group. 

In 2018, Tyler left Hunted Down to pursue his own interests, though the split was amicable. Tyler would release his debut album “Life” later that year, featuring artists from HDMG, and with a portion of the songs recorded by Cav himself.