Reece, formerly known as Makktanna, joined the Hunted Down Music Group in 2016, after being introduced to the group by Cav. As soon as Cav heard Reece in a recording session, he knew that he had to bring him into the fold.

Reece is known for his high energy and dynamic stage presence. He brings a modern flair to his lyricism, which sets him apart from others in the group. He has an unwavering attention to detail in his work, which has earned him a reputation as a talented artist within the HDMG community.

With his unique style and dedication to his craft, Reece has become an integral part of the Hunted Down Music Group. He continues to work hard and push the boundaries of what is possible in hip-hop, inspiring others and making a lasting impact in the world of music.

Whether he’s performing on stage or in the studio, Reece is always striving to be the best that he can be. He is a true artist, and his contributions to the Hunted Down Music Group will be remembered for years to come.