Ran D. Streets is a talented hip-hop artist who brings his unique and unpredictable style to the Hunted Down Music Group. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Ran D. Streets has been dedicated to his craft since he first started making music. He was introduced to the group by Lil Sickka in 2011, and made his first appearance on the song “Clicka”.

Ran D. Streets is known for his distinctive delivery of lyrics, which sets him apart from other artists in the hip-hop genre. He is influenced by the legendary rapper Tech N9ne, and has taken elements of the rapper’s style to create his own unique sound. Since joining Hunted Down Music Group, Ran D. Streets has become one of the most active members of the group, constantly striving to improve his skills and bring his music to a wider audience.

With his dedication to his craft and unique approach to hip-hop, Ran D. Streets is sure to leave a lasting impression on the music world. Whether performing live or in the studio, he always brings a level of energy and excitement to his work that is unmatched. Whether you are a fan of hip-hop or simply looking for something fresh and exciting, Ran D. Streets is an artist that you won’t want to miss