Megan Montenegro

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Also Known As: Megan Tumbleson (on Tyler Lyons’ song, “Goodbye”), Megan Spradlin (on Lil’ Sickka’s song, “If Life Is This”)
Active: 2011 – 2012
Group/Band Affiliations: Hunted Down Music Group
Role: Vocalist

Megan started out singing when she was in the 2nd grade, participating in choir and found a love for music. She continued to practice and hone her skills and capture the attention of many people as time went by. 

She started to get familiar with the recording aspect when asked by Yung Tek (of Quick-2-Blast Recordz/Southside Muzik) to sing on a chorus years ago. Due to the popularity of the song, Megan became a favorite in her hometown. She was suggested to Hunted Down by various different people, and when Tyler Lyons was in need of a chorus for his album, Megan came in and worked on several tracks. Megan is the one-two punch, both talented and beautiful. Due to her popularity, work ethic, and dedication, she decided to join the Hunted Down crew to show the world what she was really made of.

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