Tyler Lyons, also known as 2-Die-4 and Tyler Lyonz, has been passionate about writing and making music since a young age. He discovered a love for rap at the age of 10 and started memorizing the lyrics to songs with a friend. This led to the development of his rapping skills, which he honed over time.

As he matured, Tyler became more serious about his musical pursuits and began working on solo projects. He worked with Sadistik Recordz and created several songs, though he never released an entire album. Through a mutual friend, Tyler then connected with Cav’lier and started working on music on a professional level.

Tyler was also featured on two mixtapes by local artist Arcapella, with the second mixtape winning a SEA award. He was part of a group called Tricken with Brad Lay and Zo West, which sparked his passion for music once again. After leaving Hunted Down Music Group, Tyler released his debut album “Life” in 2018, which included features from artists he had worked with.

Despite his split from Hunted Down, Tyler continues to pursue his musical interests and produce captivating and original music that reflects his passion and dedication.