Getsome, co-founder of the Hunted Down Music Group, has made a name for himself in the Hip-Hop industry with his unique style and energetic presence. Originally known as Ducatz and later Roach, Getsome became a part of the Buried Alive duo with Recoil before branching out as a solo artist. His first appearance on Cav’lier’s “Kill Em All” with Arcapella showcased his graphic style, which has been compared to that of Brotha Lynch Hung.

Getsome’s contribution to the Hip-Hop world has been recognized by many, as he has appeared on the Nati Boyz song “I feel Ya.” His military background, as an Iraq veteran, has also added to his reputation as a dedicated and hardworking individual.

Despite being the cousin of Cav’lier, Getsome has carved out his own path in the music world, earning recognition and respect for his talents. He has remained one of the most active members of the Hunted Down Music Group since its formation in 2002, constantly striving to evolve and perfect his craft.

With his undeniable energy and unique style, Getsome continues to captivate audiences and make an impact on the Hip-Hop scene.