S.B., also known as Tha Verbal Flamethrowa, was born and raised in Houston, Texas in a family with a strong musical background. He was exposed to classic hip-hop acts such as N.W.A., Run DMC, and Whodini through local mixtapes provided by DJ Darryl Scott. S.B.’s family was also connected to local rappers such as K-Rino and Crime Boss. This early exposure to the genre would shape S.B.’s own musical journey.

S.B. developed his skills as a rapper through freestyling sessions with his cousins, who were also musically inclined. One such session led to the creation of his first song “I’m a G from YSP,” which was recorded with his cousin. He continued to hone his craft, freestyling with his cousins and buying mixtapes from DJ Screw to study the art of rapping. Eventually, his mother encouraged him to take his talent seriously and start writing music.

After high school and some setbacks with incarceration, S.B. was introduced to a producer in the group Gang Society. This led to the recording of his first solo song “H-Town Guerilla.” Although the offer to sign with the record label didn’t pan out, S.B. was determined to reach his goals and pursue his musical career. In 2012, he was introduced to BigBoiStatus and was offered a position with his label “Do It BIG ENT.” He went on to work on Big’s album “I Got Next,” which was recorded in 2014 and resulted in S.B. being inducted into the Hunted Down Music Group.

S.B. has continued to work with Hunted Down Entertainment, appearing on many songs and projects, and is currently finishing his first album “Full-Length Feature Audio Movie.” He is also providing material for two HDMG albums and appearing on many more projects from Hunted Down Entertainment. Throughout his journey, S.B. has proven himself as a talented rapper with a passion for the art and a dedication to his craft.