S.B. tha Flamethrowa

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Active: 2014 – Current
Group/Band Affiliations: Hunted Down Music Group, Tha Unfadablez
Role: Vocalist, Instrumentalist

S.B. (an acronym for Street Boy) Tha Flamethrowa (from his ability to deliver rapid-fire lyricism) is a rare, multi-faceted artist with the ability to weave between styles, making him engaging to all people, not just fans of one genre.

S.B. was born and raised in Houston, TX to a fairly musically inclined family; some played in church, and some performed in school bands. Tha Flamethrowa was also exposed to local mixtapes, courtesy of DJ Darryl Scott, and that’s how he was introduced to classic acts such as N.W.A., Run DMC, and Whodini, to name a few. Some of his family were also acquainted with local rappers like K-Rino, Crime Boss, Gangsta Nip, and the late legends Mr. 3-2 and DJ Screw.A common occurrence on those DJ Screw mixtapes was to extend the introduction to songs to a length long enough to allow for a “Flowin’ Session” among those listening. During a listen to one of those mixtapes, the song “I Need a Freak” comes on, and despite his nervousness, S.B. joined his cousin in the “session” to the intro. The freestyle would end up being shaped into Tha Verbal FlameThrowa’s first song with his cousin, entitled “I’m a G from YSP.” While out with his uncle, S.B. visited the home/studio of DJ Screw and personally bought a mixtape, that he would use along with his Lasonic boombox purchased from Auchan Hypermarket, to continue developing his skills. During a weekend at his grandmother’s house, his cousins once again begin freestyling, and at this point, perhaps due to some herbal relaxation techniques, Flamethrowa joined in without any of the nerves previously exhibited. Everyone there, including his mother, heard him freestyling and encouraged him to start writing his music and to take his talent seriously. After his High School graduation and a few setbacks with incarceration, his friend introduced him to a member of the group “Gang Society,” who was also a producer. They would go on to record S.B.’s first solo song “H-Town Guerilla,” which was originally written to be performed with his cousin, who had been murdered. The producer and his brother were starting a record label, and were both impressed with S.B.’s song, and asked if he wanted to sign with them. While the offer didn’t pan out, he now knew what his goals were and that his abilities were able to help reach them. Later, in 2012, and after moving to a new location, his new girlfriend said she had a relative, “BigBoiStatus,” that rapped and wanted to introduce them. While it took some time to finally link up because of their occupations, as soon as they met, Big would offer S.B. a position with his label “Do It BIG ENT” as well as appearances on his album, “I Got Next.” When the time finally came to record the album in 2014, Big brought S.B. to the studio, where he met Cav’lier of Hunted Down Entertainment, who was tracking the audio, as well as recording his own verses for the project, featuring on the songs “Hello Hater” with Big and S.B. and “My State” with Big, S.B., and the Kentucky underground legend Bukshot. Cav was impressed with the work ethic of both artists, so much to the point that he offered to induct them into his group, Hunted Down Music Group, after the album’s release in the second half of 2014. While Big took a break from the music after the death of his cousin, by then S.B.’s fiancee, S.B. stayed with Hunted Down Entertainment. He would go on to be included in such songs as “No Sleep,” “Blazin Everyday,” and “Change” by HDMG, “Toke Away” by Ran D. Streets, and “Ball Hard” by Zo West. Currently, S.B. is finishing his first album, “Full-Length Feature Audio Movie,” as well as providing material for two HDMG albums, and featuring on many more projects coming from Hunted Down Entertainment.