Tyler Chambers, also known by his previous moniker Pimpsqweek, is a hip-hop artist hailing from Helenwood, Tennessee. He joined the Hunted Down Music Group (HDMG) in 2010, alongside fellow artist H4V1k.

With a unique style and diverse range of influences, Tyler’s first mixtape was recorded in 2011. He made his first HDMG appearance on the track “To the Beat.” Tyler’s music is unapologetically bold and stands out with its distinct sound.

Over the years, Tyler has honed his skills as a rapper and continues to deliver fresh and dynamic content to his fans. His unwavering dedication to his craft has solidified his position as a valuable member of HDMG. With each new release, Tyler pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in hip-hop and continues to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

As a creative force in the world of hip-hop, Tyler Chambers is an artist to watch out for. With his raw talent and unrelenting passion for the genre, he is sure to make waves and establish himself as a standout figure in the industry.