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Active: 2002 – Present
Group/Band Affiliations: Urban Souljahs, Hunted Down Music Group, Criminal Mindz, Drama Boyz, Dirty South Alliance, Broken Shrine, Above All, Tha Unfadablez, Kentucky Beale Street
Role: CEO, Co-Founder, Vocalist, Instrumentalist, Producer

Cav’lier, (like a member of the cavalry, or a cavalier, without ALL of the pompousness that come with them), is an artist that can run the gamut of musical genres intelligently, and still keep the energy going enough to keep the crowd moving.

Cav’lier (Joshua Hunt) was born into a military family from Kentucky with a bare minimum of musical experience. While most of them couldn’t tell you what a chord was, they all loved to listen to music, and most of them with different tastes. Since his father was in the Navy, he ended up in the Norfolk/VA Beach area at a very young age and was introduced to Hip-Hop. Cav instantly fell in love with the no-nonsense, brutally honest approach that some artists were taking after the success of groups such as Public Enemy and N.W.A., as well as with the fun approach that other groups were taking, such as the Beastie Boys. The rawness of the former groups, and the fondness of musical experimentation from the latter, would come in to play in his later years.

While still in VA Beach, during 7th grade, Cav joined the Bayside Middle School band under Director David Snead (Spirit of Atlanta Drum & Bugle Corps) and learned to play the trumpet, which he still plays to this day. He also wrote his first rap song the same year, to accompany some of the instruments that his friends were playing. A couple years later, Cav’s family moved back to Kentucky and he joined the McCreary Central High School band under Dale Mayberry. Cav continued playing trumpet, as well as writing songs. During his freshman year in high school, Cav would finally attempt to record one of the songs he made with fellow artists Mr. Monsta and Afta-Shokk, with emphasis on the word “attempt.” There was a lot of ground to be covered in the engineering and production landscape, so Cav made that his mission. This is also when he started designing graphics to complement the music he was working on. Fast-forward a couple more years to 2002, when Cav joined Quick-2-Blast Recordz under fellow artist Yung Tek. Under Tek’s guidance, he would finally start learning some production skills, start playing keyboards, and continue working on his delivery. He also created Hunted Down Music Group the same year, with his cousin Justin (GETSOME) as the first member. Since then, Cav has been engineering/producing for the group and himself, as well as playing keyboards for some Metal (Most notably in Broken Shrine with Alex VanOver, from whom Cav has also learned a lot of his production skills), Classic Rock, and Blues bands. Having helmed multiple releases and performed in many shows in front of large groups, Cav’s finally starting to get the hang of this music thing, after ONLY a couple decades, and a few short breaks for military service in the Army.

The year is now 2020. Cav’s term of service is over, and his music has a chance to take the forefront once again. He’s currently putting the finishing touches on two Hunted Down Music Group albums, assisting with solo albums from group members, and in the tracking stage of his own solo album, with more than 20 years of failure and learning to draw from.

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