Cav’lier, also known as Joshua Hunt, grew up in a military family from Kentucky with a love for music. Despite limited musical background, he was exposed to various musical genres at a young age, especially Hip-Hop, which he fell in love with for its honesty and creativity. He started playing the trumpet in 7th grade and began writing his own rap songs.

Throughout high school, he continued to develop his musical skills, learning production techniques, playing keyboards, and recording his first songs. In 2002, he joined Quick-2-Blast Recordz and created the Hunted Down Music Group with his cousin Justin. Since then, he has engineered and produced music for the group and himself, as well as performed in various metal, classic rock, and blues bands.

Cav’lier has been active in the music industry for over 20 years and has honed his skills through trial and error. In 2023, he is putting the final touches on the Hunted Down Music Group anthology albums, working on solo albums for members of the group, and in the process of recording his own solo album.

His extensive experience and passion for music has made him a valuable asset to the Hunted Down Music Group, and his dedication and hard work has earned him recognition as a talented instrumentalist and producer.