BigBoiStatus is a talented musician and rapper who has been active in the music scene since 2001. He started making music with his friends Cav’lier, Afta-Shokk and Gauge and quickly gained recognition for his unique style. His music incorporates elements of country-style rap, giving his work a distinctive and memorable sound.

Throughout his career, BigBoi has worked with many other artists, including Lil’ Wyte, Miscellaneous, and Partee. His versatile lyrical style allows him to cover a wide range of topics, from humorous anecdotes to thought-provoking social commentary. His skills and passion for music have made him a sought-after collaborator, and he continues to perform and record with other artists to this day.

In addition to his solo work, BigBoi is also a member of two music groups: Hunted Down Music Group and Tha Unfadeablez. The former is a collaboration with other talented musicians and artists, including Lil’ Sickka, Big Po, Cav’lier, Jimi Gunns, Vairo, Cruz, GETSOME, Tyler Chamers, H4V1K, and MyHeartsTempo. Tha Unfadeablez is a duo with Cav’lier and S.B. tha Flamethrowa, and the two musicians have been working together to create dynamic and innovative music.

BigBoiStatus’s musical journey has been marked by his ability to adapt and evolve his style, making him a true standout in the music world. From opening for Lil’ Wyte and Jelly Roll to collaborating with other artists, Big has demonstrated his commitment to creating music that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. He continues to inspire and entertain audiences with his unique brand of country-style rap, and his future in the music industry looks bright.