Jacob Taulbee, also known as Beat Wizard, is a talented beat maker and music composer who primarily focuses on creating dark, dramatic trap style beats. He is also open to experimenting with other genres and has experience in arranging music for score compositions.

Growing up in Texas, Beat Wizard was exposed to a variety of musical styles and eras, from classical music to 80s retro, 90s grunge and beyond. However, it was the horror film score music, the synthesizers in 80s songs, and the drum elements in hip hop that had the greatest influence on him and formed the foundation of his music style.

Beat Wizard was introduced to the music software, Fruity Loops, in 2002, but initially believed it was limited to creating techno style music. It wasn’t until much later that he began to experiment with the software and realized it was the perfect tool to arrange his keyboard elements and create beats. He now uses Fruity Loops along with a Korg m50 workstation and Micro-Korg synthesizer as his primary musical instruments.

Throughout his musical journey, Beat Wizard has collaborated with local artists and has even had the opportunity to work with rap veterans and major inspirations, including M.C. Mack, T-Rock and M-Child. Although he recognizes the financial aspect of creating music, for Beat Wizard, it is a form of therapy and a way to be part of songs that can move and inspire listeners.