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Active: 2010 – 2012
Group/Band Affiliations: Dem Eighty-Six Five Boyz, Dirty South Alliance, Hunted Down Music Group
Role: Vocalist

In 2003, a new artist hit the scene bringing a hot new sound to hip-hop. The artist named “Arcapella” is originally from Knoxville, TN.

“I wasn’t a rich kid coming up man…I know the struggle and what it’s like to not eat.” He stated. When his mother passed, at the age of 16 he was then on his own. “it’s hard in these streets. I’m serving life without parole here, homie.” He said, “You gotta learn to hold your own and grind hard.” And grinding is just what he did.

The name Arcapella was dubbed to him at the lunch room table in middle school entertaining friends with punchline rhymes and metaphors. At 15 he met a few local artists in Knoxville that were recording and putting out CDs. it then hit him that he could take his gift to the next level and make a name for himself. In his words “It was on after that.”

A few years passed and he had finally gathered the basics needed to record music on his own. Under the hip hop genre his style is under the category of all. “I can go Ham on a track or sing about the struggle…I try to make every song different” he said. While still in high school, Arcapella got word that a few local rappers (Cav’lier, 2-Die-4 & Lil’ Sickka) were making music also. In the interview he stated, “those dudes are ahead of their time man…and I could see that we were all on the same page when it comes to this music.” He collaborated with them on several local hit songs such as “Hit the Flo”, “Alive”, “Imma Pimp”, and others featured on his mixtape venture with Big Splo, entitled “Life In the Streets Vol. 1.” 

Currently, he has been featured on 6 different mixtapes including the S.E.A. awards top 48 mixtape. He has performed several shows and opened for Haystak. “I’ve been workin’ on this music for going on 9 years, fam. It’s been a rugged road, but so is life. I truly believe that if we put in work together on this music, we could be the next big thing in hip hop.” 

In closing we asked Arcapella what he would like to say to the fans and he said “Ohh my! ohh my! I love the fans for real…Fans are the motivation, therefore we make music for the fans!! I got love for each and every one! Hit Me up! This rapper will talk to you haha”

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