Arcapella is a hip-hop artist hailing from Knoxville, TN. He earned his stage name while entertaining friends with his punchline rhymes and metaphors in middle school.

At 15, he met some local artists who were recording and putting out CDs, inspiring him to take his own music to the next level. He gathered the basics needed to record music and honed his skills, developing a unique style that ranges from hard-hitting rap tracks to songs that reflect the struggles of life.

In high school, Arcapella connected with other local rappers, Cav’lier, 2-Die-4 and Lil’ Sickka, and collaborated with them on several local hit songs, including “Hit the Flo,” “Alive,” and “Imma Pimp.” He has since been featured on six different mixtapes, including the S.E.A. awards top 48 mixtape, and has performed at several shows, even opening for Haystak.

Arcapella is dedicated to his craft, having worked on his music for nearly a decade. He believes in the power of collaboration and hard work, and sees a bright future for himself and his fellow musicians in the hip-hop world. In his own words, he wants to “make music for the fans” and always appreciates the love and support they show.